Sunday, September 13, 2009

"She" - with video

I love this song!!!

The tempo is slow, but definitely a rocker! First recorded by Gene and Paul's first band - Wicked Lester - in the early seventies, it was officially released as a track from "Dressed To Kill", in 1975

I sing three vocals in harmony, and play rhythm and lead guitars.

Click here to listen:

And click below to watch me recording the lead guitar:


Jammers5 said...

How are you hooking your guitar up to your macs? I am using a lightsnake and am getting major noise! I thought it may have been the iMac with the external soundcard (for surround) causing the problem so set up ion my Macbook pro and got the same problem. the noise is unbearable!

Any suggestions? You guitar sounds great!

Carlos Castro-Neves said...

Hey Jammers5! Thanks a lot for your message! Sorry the late reply, but I didn't get an e-mail notification.

Well, believe it or not but I plug my Les Paul straight into my MacBook Pro. I'm using a normal guitar cable with an adaptor to fit in my Macbook's audio input. No mystery there. Then on Garageband I chage the settings to Mono (1 input).

I do have a small Marshall amp (30W), but I only use it for rehearsals.

I'm recording Christine Sixteen right now... the solos are all that's left. I'll try the octave effect on the guitar. Hope it sounds ok.

If you have any other questions, please, ask me!

Take care!

Jammers5 said...

Christine Sixteen is one of my favorite Kiss songs - can't wait to hear it!

Thanks for the reply I will try to plu in the same as you just from guitar - cable - adapter and see what happens. the lightsnake cable I am using now converts the signal to digital - is that necessary with garage band? Or is that the source of my problem? (feedback)

I ran my Fender Small Vibro Champ into the Mac using the Lightsnake cable in the line out and there was no problem. But I really wanted to play with the amp emulator and the effects of garageband.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Carlos Castro-Neves said...

I had no idea what a lightsnake cable was... just google'd it and saw that it is a 1/4 in plug to an USB plug, right?

Well, my connection is completely analog - I use the audio input on my MacBook Pro. Could that make the difference? I believe so...

Regarding Christine Sixteen, it is up already:

For the solo I used an audio unit available free for the Garageband, which shifts the pitch. I recorded the solo normally, duplicated the track, and put one of them 1 octave lower! I should've mixed the solo a bit louder - I'll do it tonight.

Take care!