Monday, December 14, 2009

"Drive My Car" - The Beatles

"Drive My Car" was written by Paul McCartney (and John Lennon), and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on 13 October 1965. Definitely an upbeat song which has nothing to do with actually driving a car! :)

I recorded three vocal tracks: 1) Paul's higher pitched vocal and 2) John's lower pitched harmony, as well as 3) George's pre-chorus 2nd harmony.

I also laid down three guitar tracks: the first one for the intro riff and solo - my first slide! And then there are two rhythm guitars: one which mimics the bass line and another with basic chords.

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"Let It Be" - The Beatles

I know I already posted this on Facebook and Youtube, but it should've been posted here before... So here it is!

"Let It Be", was originally recorded in 1969, but has been remixed several times. The most prominent difference between all versions can be heard in the guitar solo played by George Harrison. I chose the album version solo, which has more of a rock vibe.

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And click below to watch me recording vocal and lead guitar